What are you wearing Today?

Style is everything and thanks to all the fashionistas out there, you have no excuse to look like you are from Mars. There are clothes to make you feel sexy for instance a silky slip dress. Ensure black is the color.

A slinky, silky slip dress is all you need to feel sexy. It’s as simple as that. I’ve been seeing this feminine silhouette pop up here and there lately, and I know it’s only going to get more and more popular as the year goes on. Invest in a classic black style, one with a pop of color, or a pretty gold metallic version.

person-918986_640Bell sleeve tops are fun to wear with shorts, pencil skirts, and your favorite pair of jeans. And they’re on the fashion forecast for 2016! I’m loving the red, white, and printed styles below. It’s all in the little details…

Sourced from: http://www.whowhatwear.com/lauren-conrad-fashion-trend-predictions-2016/slide5

Kanye West brought in a new look and we can also embrace the boho chic. It is simplicity that is quite unique. If you love the outdoors then a sport look won’t hurt either.

Have you found yourself asking, when did Lorna Jane become formal wear? Then you have identified one of the biggest street style trends at the moment. Whilst the full gym get-up may not be something you’re ready to indulge in, you can apply a few subtle elements to your repertoire. Team a pair of white sneakers with a pair of fashion leggings and slouch jumper. It’s casual and chic and more modish than mumsy.

The cross body bag is the perfect everyday bag to serve your busy lifestyle. It’s easily accessible and provides enough room for all the essentials. Choose a smaller clutch style purse with long chain strap to take you from day to night. For boho chic look, try a suede satchel with tassels or treat yourself to a designer statement piece with removable strap for a touch of extravagance.

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Men are not left out in the world of being trendy. They too can get sharp looks. They can try on some emerald green trousers and marvins. Emerald green suits can also make a great statement. Bringing the flavor of the old school through tartan patterns is also an in thing.

Emerald Green

Emerald green has stood out as a favourable colour choice in the street style scene across the globe. With its depth and versatility when paired with other traditional hues, emerald green is the ultimate staple for autumn/winter wardrobes. The colour works well for statement jackets and accessories but has also enjoyed a revived popularity in suits. Adopt the trend in fitted suit styles and do not fear a brighter take on the colour to boost the modern appeal of your look. Emerald green scarves also work effectively to lend a jolt of colour to simplistic casualwear, amplifying your looks.


Reminiscent of private school uniforms, tartan emerges yet again as a popular pattern choice in recent street style looks, featured most prominently in the form of bold suits featuring this classic design. While tartans in traditional colours work well to maintain a classic feel to looks, try experimenting with bolder and brighter versions for a more vivid take on the trend. Reds, mustards and bright greens are a few examples of more daring tartan colour choices that will leave an impression. A bright tartan blazer will work nicely as a focal point for your outfits, so accessorise accordingly with minimal pieces that will sustain a youthful silhouette.

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