Helpful Home Pedicure Tips That You Should Know

A home pedicure normally offers you the opportunity to enhance the beauty and health of your feet and toenails. However, most people are normally busy at their places of work and therefore lack time to visit professionals for a pedicure. This is the reason why an in home pedicure can be handy. It is important that you have the right tools and basic knowledge of the procedure. You can actually do it at home at a time of your convenience. The following are some of the home pedicure tips that you should know:

1. Shop for a pedicure kit at the nearest store.

You will realize that a typical pedicure kit consists of all the basic tools required for the process from the nail trimmers, cuticles oil, nail colors and so on. The first measure before the initiation of the procedure is to remove the existing nail color from the toenails. This step should be followed by soaking your feet in a warm water-filled basin for a few minutes. This will help your skin to soften up.

2. Rub the cuticle and move it to the base of the nail using an orange stick.

You should push the cuticle backward to strengthen the skin. With a cuticle cutter, nip the protruding cuticles carefully without damaging the skin.

3. Rub the exfoliating scrubs over the foot.

It is important that you rub the exfoliating scrubs over your foot so as to make them supple and soft. Using a brush, clean the feet and nails and pat them dry.

4. Trim the nails neatly.

Once you are done, you should trim the nails neatly. This can be followed by massaging the feet with the moisturizer. It is important that you massage knee down to unwind the tense muscles and improve the blood circulation.

5. Add the nail polish

Once the nails have been trimmed, it is time to add the nail polish. You should apply a coat of clear base followed by a thin layer of the first coat of nail polish in three straight brush strokes. Once that is dry, apply a second coat. Apply a second coat and wait for it to dry. Once you are done, apply a clear top coat so as to create a shimmering effect.

Other home pedicure tips include:

6. Adding a few drops of aromatic oils to your basin.

You can actually add a few drops of aromatic oils to the basin before dipping your feet in. In addition, you can use clove oil so as to fight fungal infections.

Those are some of the important home pedicure tips that you should know. Follow them and you will enjoy the results.

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