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Lipstick And Lip Stain: Finding The Best Lip Makeup Lip Color

In the lip makeup world there are many lip color products including permanent makeup for lips, which is proobably the best solution, but not within all budgets. This review covers the best lipsticks and lip stains for the perfect lip color look.

The idea of lip makeup used to be contained within one product: lipstick. Today though lip makeup, specifically lip colour, is available through lipsticks, lip stains, or even liquid lipsticks. However, liquid lipsticks tend to be messy and wear off quickly. To achieve the same look like a liquid lipstick, users can apply a clear lip gloss over their favourite lipstick instead. This combination will have much better staying power.

The traditional lipstick is what most women still use in their makeup routine. Lipsticks are easy to apply and are almost never sticky, unlike those newer liquid lipsticks. Lipsticks also tend to wear well except the newer long-lasting lipsticks or semi-permanent lipsticks that will be discussed at the end of this review.

Those who want a more natural lip makeup will love lip stains. Lip stains are usually available in a liquid form, and they do just what they say, stain the lips with a sheer colour. These stains cannot be removed and just simply wear off throughout the day. Lip balm or lip gloss should be applied to them because the stains themselves are the only pigment and they are not moisturizing.

L’Oréal Colour Riche Lipcolour
This is an excellent lipstick that is available at drugstores. This line of lipsticks contains 54 shades that give the user plenty of options to complement their individual skin tone and makeup look. There are other drugstore lip colour products that also offer a lot of colours to choose from, but this writer has found that most lines of lipstick offer very few flattering colours, which is not the case with this L’Oréal lipstick. Recently the formula of this lipstick has been improved, and it now includes omega 3, vitamin E, and argon oil to condition the lips. The formula wears very well and doesn’t feel too heavy.

Almay Ideal Lipcolor
This lipstick comes in eight shades. The shade choice might seem like nothing compared to L’Oréal, but the idea behind this product is that the shades can adapt to flatter any complexion and they do exactly that. This writer purchased the shade named Plum, a berry coloured lipstick, and tried it on herself as well as her friends with differing skin tones. The lipstick, even in such a strong berry colour, did not look off or unflattering to anyone. This lipstick contains vitamin E, aloe, and coconut oil to condition lips.

Lorac Sheer Wash
This is an excellent liquid lip stain that is contained in a roller ball container. Application of lip stains, in general, can take some getting use to because they have a thin consistency. This roller ball applicator makes the application much easier because the colour can be dabbed on or rolled over the entire lip. Once the colour is on, the user just has to rub their lips together a couple of times to work the product in. This product is available in three shades.

Benefit Benetint
This is another great liquid lip stain that is available in two shades. This product is applied with a brush instead of a roller ball, and the product overall is very similar to Lorac Sheer Wash and should be applied in the same manner. The choice between these two lip products comes down to which colours in the lines the user prefers. Both Lorac Sheer Wash and Benefit Benetint can also be used as cheek stains.

A note on lip stains: Many available lip stains are contained in a felt-tipped pen applicator. These are horrible for application. Lip stains are made up of concentrated pigments, and these hard felt applicators apply the product too strongly.

Long Lasting Lipsticks or Semi-Permanent Lipsticks and Their Downfalls

This writer has consciously excluded any of the new long lasting semi-permanent lip colours from her review. This writer has tested many different brands and formulations of the new long lasting semi-permanent lip colours. Most have two steps, a semi-permanent colour that is applied first and clear topcoat to keep the colour coat from drying out. The colour that is applied first usually requires one to two minutes of drying time according to the packaging, but sometimes the colour isn’t even dry after those two minutes are up.

While some of these lip colour products have been promising all of them have really frustrating downfalls, one of which is inconsistency. Sometimes these products wear beautifully, but other times, for reasons too difficult to pinpoint to just one cause, they wear very badly. Normal lipstick just wears off, leaving the user with clean lips. These new semi-permanent lip colours tend to flake off or wearing oddly, leaving the user with a dry and cracking film of lip colour left on the lips. This film of worn and icky colour can also only be removed with an oil-based makeup remover, making reapplying cumbersome if the lip colour does not last all day.

Helpful Home Pedicure Tips That You Should Know

A home pedicure normally offers you the opportunity to enhance the beauty and health of your feet and toenails. However, most people are normally busy at their places of work and therefore lack time to visit professionals for a pedicure. This is the reason why an in home pedicure can be handy. It is important that you have the right tools and basic knowledge of the procedure. You can actually do it at home at a time of your convenience. The following are some of the home pedicure tips that you should know:

1. Shop for a pedicure kit at the nearest store.

You will realize that a typical pedicure kit consists of all the basic tools required for the process from the nail trimmers, cuticles oil, nail colors and so on. The first measure before the initiation of the procedure is to remove the existing nail color from the toenails. This step should be followed by soaking your feet in a warm water-filled basin for a few minutes. This will help your skin to soften up.

2. Rub the cuticle and move it to the base of the nail using an orange stick.

You should push the cuticle backward to strengthen the skin. With a cuticle cutter, nip the protruding cuticles carefully without damaging the skin.

3. Rub the exfoliating scrubs over the foot.

It is important that you rub the exfoliating scrubs over your foot so as to make them supple and soft. Using a brush, clean the feet and nails and pat them dry.

4. Trim the nails neatly.

Once you are done, you should trim the nails neatly. This can be followed by massaging the feet with the moisturizer. It is important that you massage knee down to unwind the tense muscles and improve the blood circulation.

5. Add the nail polish

Once the nails have been trimmed, it is time to add the nail polish. You should apply a coat of clear base followed by a thin layer of the first coat of nail polish in three straight brush strokes. Once that is dry, apply a second coat. Apply a second coat and wait for it to dry. Once you are done, apply a clear top coat so as to create a shimmering effect.

Other home pedicure tips include:

6. Adding a few drops of aromatic oils to your basin.

You can actually add a few drops of aromatic oils to the basin before dipping your feet in. In addition, you can use clove oil so as to fight fungal infections.

Those are some of the important home pedicure tips that you should know. Follow them and you will enjoy the results.

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