5 Amazing Facts About Women’s Nightwear

Every woman is different when it comes to what she does or doesn’t wear to bed each night whether a full matching trouser and shirt or a slinky chemise. The history of women’s nightwear dates back many years and the nightwear that we know and love today has been developed from years and years of history.

Where did the word pyjamas originate from?

As well as the word nightwear, another popular word used to describe bed apparel is pyjamas. Thant word was created from “Piejamah” which is an Indian term that was used for describing lose trousers that could be fastened at the waist for fit. British colonials soon caught on to the comfort of the Piejamah pants and started to wear them when they went for their afternoon nap. Before long it became commonplace around the world with more people deciding to wear them throughout the night or whenever they slept thanks to the British bringing back the idea.

Great for waking hours too

If you think it’s only modern day women that wear their Pyjama’s while they go about their chores or relax throughout the day, then you are very much mistaken. Rewinding back to the early 1900’s beautiful silk pyjamas were created by a fashion designer who created them so that they could be worn throughout the day as well as the night. It is still common for most Asian countries to follow this with many people wearing their pyjamas in public. The Japanese wear Kigurumi’s in the day which are becoming increasingly popular worldwide as of late. They are special pyjamas that are created to look like animals.

Onesies aren’t just for children
In the past you looked at all in one footed nightwear as something that was especially for children however going back in history the information shows that the modern day “onesie” was created many years ago for adults. The first sign of the “onesies” were when people decided to stitch their socks to the bottom of their trouser bottoms. His meant that as well as having toasties feet and not losing socks in the bed throughout the night they could also stop bugs from biting their feet while they slept.

Nightcap frenzy

Although not as common today women’s nightwear in the past wasn”t complete unless it included a nightcap. Most of us relate nightcaps to the film “The Christmas Carol” and similar films from the 19th century, but they were in fact extremely common to ensure people kept warm throughout the winter without having to put their blanket over their head. The special pointed cap was created so that it could also be wrapped in a scarf like manner but were kept short so that there wasn’t a risk of strangulation.

To wear or not to wear?

Every single day tons and tons of varied pyjamas are sold to men, women and children showing that they are still very much in fashion as well as being a necessity for the majority of people. There are however some people that still prefer to sleep without a single stitch of clothing on their body but they are in the minority with just 14% of American women choosing to shun women’s nightwear in favour of their bare skin. If you like this article and found this useful please share or visit this link to read more.